Discounts to Save $$ !

Are you interested in purchasing products at a discount? 

Plexus offers two discounts: Preferred Customer and Wholesale. 

Preferred Customer Discountshop plexus

How much do I save? Preferred Customers save on average 15 %.

How do I become a Preferred Customer?  Simply SELECT the Preferred  button on this page:

What is my commitment as a Preferred Customer? As a Preferred Customer you will be signed up for recurring shipments to continue your weight/loss health journey without interruption. If you do not wish to continue the recurring shipments, simply cancel any time after 15 days after the initial order. It’s that simple to save as a Preferred Customer.

Wholesale Discount

How much do I save? Wholesale customers, called Plexus Ambassadors, save on average 25% and are eligible to receive a 15 to 25% commission on product they sell.

How do I become a Plexus Ambassador?  Click the Join Now button  to the left of my photo at the top right corner of the page. Then choose from 13 different Welcome Packs and sign up for an Annual Membership.  This also allows you to sell products and begin making commissions and more! See more about the Opportunity of a Lifetime on our Create Income page!

Here is a comparison of the ways to buy Plexus Products. 

90 Day Comparison Retail Preferred Wholesale+
(3) 30 Day Plexus Slim/Accelerator or /Boost Combos $345* $300*
Annual Membership $ 35
Welcome Package K – (3) Plexus Slim 30-Day Supply, (3) Plexus Accelerator or Boost 30-Day Supply and (1) Plexus Starter Kit. $199**
Total $345* $300* $234**
*Prices are for comparison purposes and can change without notice. Does not include shipping or taxes.
**Prices are for comparison purposes and can change without notice. Does not include shipping or taxes. Welcome Package H is used in the comparison.
+Welcome Packages are a one time only deal for new members. Welcome Packages are priced below wholesale. Future purchases will be at the wholesale price. Wholesale price is about 10% less than preferred pricing. Contact us for current price.
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